HOO-IMM PLUS-B induce functional cure for HBV

Anti-HBs (Hepatitis B Surface antibody) is an antibody that the body naturally produces in response to the exposure against Hepatitis B Virus or vaccination against HBV. When the immune system recognizes the HBV surface antigen, it produces antibodies that bind to the antigen and neutralizes the virus. The antibodies (Anti-HBs) can also prevent future HBV infection.

Different trend of the person do not develop anti-HBs under the influence of Anti-viral drug (TDF). It has been found clinically the patient under the Anti-viral drug (TDF) influences do not develop anti-HBs naturally for even after years of treatment.

Although with the low HBV quant with Anti-viral (TDF) drug, the anti-HBs naturally developing antibodies have not been found against the absence of antigen since anti-HBs is an essential antibody to prevent body from future viral exposure or relapse. In such a case there is a loose end in successive HBV treatment.

On the contrary, HOO-IMM PLUS-B receiving patient develops anti-HBs for the existing viral exposure. The Anti-HBs response induced by HOO-IMM PLUS-B is much more detectable through commercially available anti-HBs test. For any drug-naive patient receiving therapy with HOO-IMM PLUS-B, there will be a noticeable rise in anti-HBs over time.

The patient under Anti-viral drug (TDF) along with HOO-IMM PLUS-B in order to develop anti-HBs the patient has to withdraw Anti-viral drug (TDF) and continue HOO-IMM PLUS-B alone for anti-HBs restoration.

Different bioactive compound of HOO-IMM PLUS-B targets different life activity of the virus apart from immune restoration to bring down the time duration for speedy recovery. It varies from patient to patient since the level of anti-HBs can vary depending on the severity and duration of the infection.